About Us

About Us

Hello! Our names are Amon and Ellie and this is our English/Japanese hiking blog. We are a couple who have a love of hiking and outdoor adventure. We also love travelling and have both lived in Japan for several years. We’ve started writing this blog as a way to provide more Japanese language information for hikes in Australia and around the world. Japan is a beautiful country with amazing mountains and forests. Australia also has some great hiking and outdoor adventure!

Our Story

Amon: I first visited Japan for the first time in 2014. I went to Japan to be an ALT for Otoyo town. While I only planned to stay in Japan for a year, I loved Otoyo, Kochi and the Shikoku inaka so much I decided to stay for three! I speak a little Japanese. I am a primary school teacher but also have training as a hiking, mountain bike and canoe instructor. In Japan i started writing the Shikoku Hiking blog.

Ellie: I first came to Otoyo town one year later as a CIR . But I have been to Japan many times to study and do homestay programs. I studied Japanese language and history at Monash University. I have a passion for Japanese language, international relations and building connections between Australia and Japan

We first met in Japan and are now living together in Victoria, Australia. We want to share our love for hiking with other people! Feel free to contact us!